STNY™ IPL Safety Glasses

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Lightweight and fits over prescription eyewear. For IPL or other high brightness non-coherent light sources.

We Recommend IPL Safety Glasses with this product. Buy the bundle and save! Please note: Both items will be shipped separately.

Our IPL safety glasses are designed to protect your eyes from intense pulsed light speckle, whitening, tender skin color, hair removal, and the realization of light inhibition in the 190nm-2000nm full range of wavelengths. 

Product Specifications:

Blue Glasses
Range of wavelengths: 190nm-2000nm
O.D: 4+
Visibility: > 65%

Black Goggles
Range of Wavelengths: All wave range
O.D: 6+
Visibility: 0%

Material: PC material and light absorbing materials


  • E light beauty instrument
  • IPL photorejuvenation equipment
  • OPT optical beauty instrument
  • Photon beauty instrument