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Mainly purchased for my legs, had bad experience waxing and hated razor burns after shaving! Satiny Skin has really helped with both of them problems and the results have worked out amazing for me! Thank you!

So proud of my results, been using for 8 weeks now and every couple weeks the results just keep getting better and better, on my last treatment. Love it

My usual go-to is to wax however got introduced to STNY by a friend and been hooked! Seriously works and the results have been perfect. Product quality is great, no cheap plastic being used.

The product arrived today in perfect condition. Still not used

Great quality product

Awesome product! Removes all of the hair and leaves my skin smooth and in perfect condition! I highly recommend this product! Makes me never want to use a razor again!

Easy to use!

Very satisfied with my purchase. This hair remover is easy to use. It is also surprisingly painless. I have waxed my armpits many of times, which is very painful and even bleeds sometimes. I can hardly even feel this even when set to level 5. As other users have commented, it does shut off if it over heats, however: 1) you have to wait until the blinking ready light lets you know it’s ready to be pressed again 2) it turns right back on after being restarted
I 100% think the value is worth a try!

As description very good quality and stylish love it and powerful also, even the bag it come with to keep it. Thank you for fast shipping recommended this seller, only I was wishing if light is available of the device like other brands.

Worth every penny. Results appear after just a few treatments, it’s light weight and easy to use.

Such a great product, I’m so so happy with the results, the underarm and bikini area need a few more goes that arms and face, but that’s to be expected with thicker hair. I have recommended this product to all of my friends. Thanks so much ❤️

Best Investment❤️

I was super skeptical about this product yet I was willing to try. Wow! After a couple of months, I saw a brilliant result. Please keep in mind that you have to use it as instructed and for the advised period of time. I did and I love it ( and no one paid me for this feedback btw:) I just genuinely want to share). I do have some miniature hair spots that I still have to take care, but 90% is clean. Cheers!

Really Works!! This handset is very user-friendly, and really works! I’ve been using mine for 7 weeks and have definitely seen a difference in the amount and thickness of my hair growth. The hair on my legs isn’t growing back as quickly, or as thick/dark. Very happy with the results thus far!

Great at home laser

I had previously gotten professional laser hair removal done (Brazilian and under arms) but it got really expensive so I stopped. I didn’t finish all of my suggested sessions with them so I still had a good amount of hair still growing. I’ve used this a few times so far and I definitely see a huge difference in my hair growth all over my whole bod
y. I’m even using it on my arms which seems to be decreasing the keratosis pilaris I have on my forearms. Very easy and fast to use. A little hard to do a Brazilian on myself but it can be done for the most part. I thought I would have to click the button each time but I find I can hold it down and just slowly move. Eventually I can let go of the button all together and it’s still zapping me which is great! Definitely easier and smaller than another brand of at home laser I had so this one is great!

i love it ❤️ 2 or 3 minutes it worked well. then i heard some different sound. i removed upper section and cleaned it. after that it is not working properly

Well packaged. Tracked by seller,very easy to use, has tested, the effec is bettern than my exceptation

The product works well, I just tried it yesterday for the first time and everything worked according to the instructions. I am satisfied with the product, thanks

STNY™ Portable Electric Painless Hair Removal

I’m in shock

After completing my full body treatments two months ago, I’m 99% hairless and have not shaved my legs or bikini since. This product is a life changer. Only complaint is how you need to have it plugged in to use it, but apart from that it’s amazing

Arrived 12 days to Canada. Great quality product, packaged well, I used it, the effect cool

It serves very well, it came quickly.

Very fast shipping, and exactly what I wanted, battery in it do, (not join) and ready for use. Perfect, good working, with self battery buy and Erin do, just like a shaver

This miracle mask really works like miracle!!
Highly recommended!

Amazing!! Will buy again, instant results. Results of just 1 mask before and after.

Thank you for the fast delivery, packed was very good. I'll try, i'll write later. Definitely seller recommend!!!